Club Closed Tennis 2020


Draws can be found online, and will be updated, here:



You can access the contact list here:

(Let me know if there is a mistake with your phone number).

You have been emailed the password to open the file.  If you need me to resend the password, drop me an email:


Here are the play by dates for each round:

Men SinglesBy 14/7By 24/7By 10/8By 27/8By 10/9By 23/9SAT 26 SEP
Ladies Singles  By 24/7By 13/8By 5/9By 19/9SAT 26 SEP
Men Doubles By 20/7By 3/8By 24/8By 7/9By 21/9SAT 26 SEP
Ladies Doubles  By 24/7By 13/8By 5/9By 19/9SAT 26 SEP
Mixed Doubles By 20/7By 3/8By 24/8By 7/9By 21/9SAT 26 SEP

It is up to both players to contact each other to arrange a mutually convenient time.  If a match is not played by the deadline, and neither player has contacted me to explain why it is running late, I will just toss a coin to decide who goes through.  We do have plenty of time – more than usual – to get these rounds played but I understand that people may still have summer holidays planned, or we may have a period of bad weather.  Basically, the more notice I have that a deadline may be missed, the more notice I can give the future opponent(s) about what the situation is, and we can plan ahead to catch up before the next deadline.

You will need to book a court for your match.  (The club is very busy at the moment).  Given the scoring format (see below), I suggest either a 90 minute court booking (3-6), or 2, 60 minute back to back bookings (but avoid doing that at peak time, please).  The default surface (in the case of a disagreement ) for this competition is artificial grass, although both players can agree to play on artificial clay if that is their preference.  Please note: the finals will all be played on courts 1&2.


Both players should bring a tube of good condition (ideally new) balls to the match.  You can then squabble over whose tube to use 😊

The scoring format is:

2 normal sets (first to 6 games with normal deuce and a 7 point, 2 clear, tie-break at 6 games all )

If it goes to 1 set all, a match tie-break (first to 10 points, 2 clear) [Note: there will be full third set in the final]

Knowing all of you, I know this request goes without saying, but please treat your opponent with respect – fair calls, no bad language, keep the racket in your hand.  There are several juniors playing in this competition so we should all set a good example. 

Remember to practise safe distancing: keep 2m apart, do not touch your face, wash hands before and afterwards, finish the match by tapping rackets, not shaking hands.


The winner needs to email me the score (not just the winning name) within 48 hours of the match.  I can then update the draw online.


Any questions, or problems, you can always give me a shout on 07807790092 or

I am planning to set up a club closed Whatsapp group so we can all follow the progress of the event – drop me a message if you want to be included in that.