Club Night WhatsApp group

To play on Club Nights you will have to join the Club Night WhatsApp group. This is so we can control numbers and book the right number of courts whilst the club is so busy. To get involved, please contact Tony Pillinger on 07807 790092 or email  at

Before each night Tony will put a message on the group asking who is going to be attending. Please reply with the time you think you will arrive and he will allocate you a partner, court and opponents.




Don’t come off the courts between matches.

Each half an hour or so the coach will tell players what court to change to for your next match. If you finish your 8 games before the end of the half hour just carry on till the time is up.

Don’t come if you are ill

It is important that you do not attend if you have any cold or flu symptoms no matter how mild.

Hand sanitiser

Ball sharing will be the biggest Covid risk so you are asked  to bring your own alcohol based or other appropriate hand sanitiser to use between matches.