The History of the Roy Cheshire Tournament

Roy was a member of the Wootton Court, Squash Club at Leek Wootton for many years and played in the leagues and competitions. In fact he was due to play a league match the day he passed away. This was such a shock, not only to the Cheshire family, but also to all his friends at the squash club, because of that they felt that they needed to show their feelings in some way.

They came up with the idea of an over 35 Squash Cup to give those members a chance to enter a competition they had a good chance of winning. Roy Brown organised the first competition, Malcolm Sharman donated the Cup and Jeff Meakin made and donated the board we have at the Leamington Lawn Tennis and Squash Club with the previous winners names.

The first championship was followed by a charity dinner at Leek Wootton which was then owned by Mike Smith (The Warwickshire and England cricketer) and the trophy was presented by the comedian Don McClean who played there occasionally with Jasper Carrot, a donation to the British Heart Foundation was made with profits from the dinner.

The competition continued every year and was organised by various people and when Wootton Court closed some members moved to Kenilworth and others to the Leamington Lawn Tennis and Squash Club where it was decided the Trophy would follow. Many members were still involved who moved from Wootton Court, but age catches up with us all and not many of the original participants take part now but a few still do or come to support.

To move with times, maintain interest and because of the age group attracted to this competition, it was decided to play racketball instead of squash and introduce a handicap system. This has resulted in renewed enthusiasm and a number of new names on the Roy Cheshire Honours Board displayed in the club.

Roy’s wife Jenny said of the tournament:

Next year will be the 30th anniversary of the competition and I and my family will be there. I know if Roy could look down on us he would be very pleased and proud that people are still enjoying keeping fit and enjoying a competition that is in his name. My thanks don’t seem enough for all the years of remembrance and comfort this has given to me and my family.