Live Acts

Your club runs occasional entertainment for the bar area in the vein of an open mic night, where we ask our talented members to come forward and do a turn.

So, if you are in a band, a singer, a musician or entertainer and would like the opportunity to gain a little stage confidence by doing an hour session at the Club, then please contact Sara French on 01926 425845 – you never know what talent spotters we have within our Club!

Previous performers at the club include:

Despot Rads

Free Galaxy

Paper planes

Rainbow Trout

The Elderley Brothers

Matt Buckham

The Doc Emmett Brown Trio

The Lounge Rats

Charlie and the Milvetones

The Lounge Club

Bronte Askwith



Simon Ballard

City of Mirrors

Cheryl Satchwell


The Gallery Trio

Ian Stevens