Mixed doubles, adult singles and junior singles box ladders are run throughout the year. These provide a good opportunity to play competitive tennis in an informal atmosphere and for new members to meet other members. You can join at any time by putting your name and contact details on the appropriate sheet on the tennis notice board.

Singles Ladder Rules

  • A ladder grouping typically comprises 5 or 6 players, with matches played within a defined time period clearly stated on that month’s ladder (usually 4-6 weeks).
  • The minimum age for the adult ladder is 14. Juniors aged 14-16 need to submit a signed parental consent form to the ladder organiser, available from the club manager or the club website.
  • Each match involves 13 games and each player scores the number of games won, e.g. if the score is 9-4, then one player scores 9, the other 4.  If after 12 games the score is 6-6, the final game is a tie-break. The tie-break winner is the first to 7 points, but with a winning margin of at least 2 points. Scores should be recorded in the ladder grids on the noticeboard.
  • Should a player be unable to play within the defined period, makes no effort to arrange matches, or doesn’t turn up at the agreed time, their opponent can claim the match 7-0.
  • Should a player be unable to complete a match through injury, the remaining games are awarded to their opponent.
  • At the end of the period, the player with the highest total of games won in each group is promoted; the player with the lowest total is relegated.  NB – New players joining the ladder, or players dropping out may affect promotion and relegation.
  • There is an award for the female and male player who wins the most games during the summer season, so playing as many matches as possible increases the number of games you can win.
  • Please advise the organiser either by email or a written note on the sheets if you want to be withdrawn from the next month’s ladder due to injury, holiday, work commitments etc.  You will then need to advise the organiser when you want to re-join, it will NOT happen automatically.

PLEASE NOTE – Any player who repeatedly fails to complete the majority of their matches in the defined period or is reported for constantly cancelling arranged matches is automatically dropped from the next ladder. A player may re-join at a later date by putting his/her name and contact details on the appropriate sheet on the notice board.

Revised and agreed by the Tennis committee on 20 September 2017