The Team




Coaching sessions are for members only and are 55 mins long

Cost – £25-30 depending on the coach, number of attendees and weekday/weekend

Please only book 1 session at a time – there is limited capacity so we want to share the sessions out

*NEW* coaching can now be for 1, 2 or 3 players, providing all attendees are from the same household

Please contact the coach directly to arrange a session:

Tony Pillinger 07807 790092 (from Saturday 6th June)

Miguel Espada 07704 603969

Jake Adams 07980 198493

Carl Gallagher 07711 843122

Ben Franklin 07807 465377

Tony Pillinger

Tony is a LTA Level 4 Senior Club Coach and his company Pillinger Tennis Limited is in charge of the junior term-time club coaching programme, the junior holiday programme, the club competition programme and adult club nights.

Miguel Espada
Miguel is a LTA Level 4 Senior Performance Tennis Coach. His company, Espada Sports, is in charge of the junior performance programme and the adult coaching programme.  Tony and Miguel are supported by:

LTA Level 4 Senior Club Coach – Jake Adams

LTA Level 3 Tennis Coaches – Carl Gallagher, Ben Franklin & Fiona Roche