We have a singles ladder that is the envy of every club in the area with around 100 players of all ability involved. These provide a good opportunity to play competitive tennis in an informal atmosphere and to meet other members that perhaps you wouldn’t normally meet.

You can join at any time in the year by putting your name and contact details on the appropriate sheet on the tennis notice board, or by contacting the organiser directly.

A ladder grouping typically comprises 5 or 6 players, with all group matches to be played within a 5 weeks period. Each match involves 13 games. At the end of the period, the player with the most games to his/her name is promoted; the player with the least games is relegated from each ladder.


We hold a closed club tournament every year of singles, doubles, mixed doubles, junior and handicap events.  This is open to all members to enter and builds towards a finals day in July, which is a fantastic social event with some highly competitive matches to watch.


There are a number of social tournaments during the year that are all about having fun and meeting and playing with different members.