Squash 57

Squash 57 (formally known as Racketball) is a form of squash sport played on a squash court which has grown significantly in popularity in England and has begun to take hold elsewhere in the world.

The World Squash Federation and England Squash rebranded Squash 57 to ensure that the game is seen as part of the squash family, whilst also eliminating any confusion with ‘racquetball’, a primarily North American game played on much larger courts with no tin and a different type of ball. We can call it Racketball or Squash 57.

The game is played with a shorter 22inch long racquets with a bigger head, compared with 27inch long squash racquets. Its name focuses on the key difference to squash – the larger bouncier ball, which has a maximum diameter of 57mm (compared with 40mm for a squash ball).

Squash 57 is a popular introduction to squash and can keep generations of players fit and active, and playing on court well into later years. As the ball is bouncier it stays up longer and there is less emphasis on drop shots and players don’t need to use the same explosive movement as in squash to get to the ball. Longer rallies mean that you can have a great aerobic workout, whilst using similar skills and tactics as squash, without spending so much time bending down putting strain on your knees and back.

Come down and join us for a Squash 57 session at the Club!