New Tennis Fitness Sessions

Tennis has been shown to be one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy, whatever your age, so is now the time to pick up a racquet? LTTSC are offering two new sessions for members and non-members to make the most of these health benefits:
– Fantastic physical and cardio benefits, exercising the whole body
– Improved balance, flexibility, core stability and bone strength
– Requires mental focus, tactical thinking and quick response times to keep the brain as active as your body
– Great way to meet new people and enjoy the outdoors

Tennis 4 Life –  at 12:15pm
– 1 hour session for the over 55s
– Tennis based fitness drills at a moderate aerobic level incorporating core strength, flexibility and balance exercises
– Pay as you play for £3 a session

Fit 4 Tennis –  at 12:15pm
– 45 minutes cardio workout using tennis based drills and exercises
– Pay as you play for £3 a session